Enclosures for switchboards

LAFER NEWS 09 | 2017

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LAFER NEWS 07 | 2017

Smart-Energy Plus.
The new busbar system with nickel contact surface for applications up to 6300 A.

It doesn’t oxidize over time, it increases corrosion resistance without diminishing its perfomances.

LAFER NEWS 03 | 2017

New prearrangement for top-mounted busbar up to 4000 A.

Equipped with segregation divided into 3 sections for a maximum flexibility in wiring. Possibility of using different busbar systems: Smart-Energy Plus, Smart-Energy Basic or traditional copper.


IEC 61439-1

• Short-circuit withstand
• Internal arc withstand
• Overtemperature limits

Enclosures for electrical cabinets / switchboards.
Lafer Production System

Lafer. Enclosures for electrical distribution switchboards,
automation and rack.

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