Enclosures for switchboards

Quality is not a laughing matter,

Lafer one is certified.

Total quality is a daily target for Lafer Group.

Its production system has been verified by the most important institutions in charge that granted the company the UNI EN ISO-9001 certification.

Additonal tests carried out on cabinets perfomances, accessories and internal components have been certified at CESI Institute. By virtue of these acknowledgements, all Lafer products can display the CE marking at the customer’s request.

All LAFER cabinets have been conceived and designed in full compliance with national and international regulations in force (CEI EN 61439-1/2, CEI EN 60529).

LAFER cabinets have been tested and certified according to type tests established by the law and their performances are guaranteed under real operating conditions.

All internal components and accessories used for the cabinet manufacturing are compliant with type tests as well.

Calculation methods used for the designing and the manufacturing of LAFER distribution systems too follow CEI 17-52 and CEI EN 60865 norms. LAFER also declares that, as required by the norm, the whole designing process of its distribution systems is based on the extrapolation of a set of type tests.

LAFER cabinets have been subjected to the following type tests established by the norms:

IP degree of protection verification.

  • Test no. EPT16AVM033754359- IP30 degree of protection verification on PW-TECH enclosure.
  • Test no. EPT16AVM033954359-IP41 degree of protection verification  on PW-TECH enclosure.
  • Test no. EPT16AVM034054359-IP42 degree of protection verification on PW-TECH enclosure.
  • Test no. A9028008 -IP55 degree of protection verification on LV 43 wall-mounted enclosure.
  • Test no. A9028006 -IP54 degree of protection verification on Compact FV461 enclosure.
  • Test no. B0011835 – IP55 degree of protection verification on Compact FV461 enclosure.
  • Test no. B4030377 – IP56 degree of protection test on Compact FV461 enclosure.

Mechanical impact resistance (IK rating).

  • Test no. EPT16AVM034154359- mechanical impact resistance IK9 on PW-TECH enclosure.
  • Test no. EPT16AVM033854359- mechanical impact resistance IK10 on PW-TECH enclosure.

Short circuit verification.

Verification of the connection between equipment masses and the protection circuit.

Short-circuit withstand verification of the protection circuit

  • Test no. 95/01169 – short-circuit withstand of the inclined busbar holder with In=630 A and Icc=16 kA for 1 sec.
  • Test no. 95/01163 – short-circuit withstand with In=3200 A and Icc=60 kA for 1 sec. PW-Tech cabinet.
  • Test no. 95/032664 – short-circuit withstand with In=5000 A and Icc=100 kA for 1 sec. PW-Tech cabinet.
  • Test no. A6018747 – short-circuit withstand  with In=6300 A and Icc=150 kA for 1 sec. PW-Tech cabinet.
  • Test no. A6018748 – short-circuit withstand on distribution bars PW-Tech cabinet.
  • Test no. B0008006 – short-circuit withstand with In=2500 A and Icc=70 kA for 1 sec. ME-CUB cabinet.
  • Test no. B3013956 – short-circuit withstand on Smart Energy bars with In=1600 A and Icc=60 kA for 1 sec
  • Test no. B3012744 – short-circuit withstand on Smart Energy bars with In=630 A and Icc=35 for 1 sec
  • Test no. B3012805 – short-circuit withstand on Smart Energy bars with In=3200 A and Icc=85 kA per 1 sec
  • Test no. B5002265 – short-circuit withstand on Smart Energy Plus bars with In=6300 A and Icc=100 kA for 1 sec
  • Test no. B5004584 – short-circuit withstand on Smart Energy Plus bars with In=6300 A and Icc=100 kA for 1 sec
  • Test no. B0015061 – short-circuit withstand on busbar system for ME-CUB enclosures with In=2500 A e Icc=70 kA for 1 sec
  • Test no. B7001848 – short-circuit withstand on busbar system for  ME-CUB and MC-CUB with In=3200 A and Icc=105 kA for 1 sec

Overtemperature limits verifications.

Dielectric properties : industrial frequency and impulse tests.

Verification of air clearance and creepage distances.

  • Test no. 98/010850 – overtemperature limits verification PW-Tech cabinet.
  • Test no. B0007840 – overtemperature limits verification ME-Cub cabinet.
  • Test no. 02472-15-0378 -overtemperature limits verification PW-Tech cabinet.

Test in arc conditions due to internal fault.

  • Test no. B0009515 in arc conditions due to internal fault (70 kA for 300 msec.) ME-Cub cabinet.
  • Test no. B5014994 in arc conditions due to internal fault (100 kA for 300 msec.)  Pw-Tech cabinet.

Seismic test.

  • Test no. B3020327 – seismic test on COMPACT and PW-TECH enclosures, acceleration 1G.
  • Test no. B3020295 – seismic test on MC-CUB and ME-CUB enclosures, acceleration 1G.
  • Test no. B3020334 – seismic test on EASY630 enclosure, acceleration 1G.
  • Test no. B3020329 – seismic test on COMPACT and PW-TECH enclosure, acceleration 0.7 G.
  • Test no. B3020325 – seismic test on MC-CUB and ME-CUB enclosures, acceleration 0.7 G.
  • Test no. B3020337 – seismic test on EASY630 enclosures, acceleration 0.7 G

All test mentioned herein have been certified by CESI institute and they are availaible for all our customers wishing to inspect them. By virtue of these certifications, all LAFER cabinets can display the CE marking.