Enclosures for switchboards
Universal aluminium busbar system up to 1250 A electrical cabinets
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Universal aluminium busbar system up to 1600 A

A cost-effective, cutting-edge system.

Smart-Energy basic can be used in Lafer cabinets and in those of other brands as well.

Smart-Energy basic main characteristics

  • Anodized aluminium profiles and nickel contact surface applied with cold spray technology.
  • Busbar holders made of self-extinguishing PA6 polyamide, class V0 IEC 60695-11-10.
  • Busbar system up to 1600 A In = and Icc = 70 kA.
  • Inclined and linear Smart-Energy basic placeable in the cable compartment, in the rear or in the upper zone.
  • Maximum ease of wiring thanks to hammer head screws and Lafer accessories.
  • Simple coupling and junction between horizontal and vertical bars.



Smart-Energy basic