Enclosures for switchboards

LAFER NEWS 04 | 2018

New copper busbar system up to 6300A.

  • Excellent short circuit withstand
  • Busbar system up to 6300 A and Icc= 105 Ka
  • Significant weight (-30%) and cost savings compared to traditional copper bars
  • Reduced assembly times
  • Enhanced flexibility to deal

LAFER NEWS 09 | 2017

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LAFER NEWS 07 | 2017

Smart-Energy Plus.
The new busbar system with nickel contact surface for applications up to 6300A.

It doesn’t oxidize over time, it increases corrosion resistance without diminishing its perfomances.


IEC 61439-1

• Short-circuit withstand
• Internal arc withstand
• Overtemperature limits

Enclosures for electrical cabinets / switchboards.
Lafer Production System

Lafer. Enclosures for electrical distribution switchboards,
automation and rack.

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