Enclosures for switchboards

LAFER NEWS 10 | 2018

Smart Energy
Black Copper

Our new fully protected busbar system up to 6300A.

Busbar system completely protected thanks to a special protective paint, equipped with protection covers for all unpainted parts.

LAFER NEWS 06 | 2018

The new service fully devoted to the complete range of Lafer ready-to-use busbar systems.

All profiles available in various lengths or can be cut to size, list of the type and of the quantities of bars and accessories provided by Lafer, well-stocked warehouse to fulfill all customers’ requests and ensure prompt delivery times…

LAFER NEWS 04 | 2018

New copper busbar system up to 6300A.

  • Excellent short circuit withstand
  • Busbar system up to 6300 A and Icc= 105 Ka
  • Significant weight (-30%) and cost savings compared to traditional copper bars
  • Reduced assembly times
  • Enhanced flexibility to deal


IEC 61439-1

• Short-circuit withstand
• Internal arc withstand
• Overtemperature limits

Enclosures for electrical cabinets / switchboards.
Lafer Production System

Lafer. Enclosures for electrical distribution switchboards,
automation and rack.

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